Investigation, and the Mission Revealed

2nd of the Spear, Second Age 5108

With 24 hours until cast-off, Megine, Aravia, Bob, and Ash investigated the system the Gunstar currently resided in.

They discovered the following:

  • The system was only 2-3 light-years from the nearest system, and the star cluster was unusually small
  • The system was trinary (had three stars)
  • There were originally nine planets – six around the primary star, two around the secondary star, and one around the tertiary star
  • System was stable and mature
  • What were once planets are now debris, apparently from being dismantled by Essence cutting technology (possibly a “cosmic slap chop”)
  • Planets were dismantled no more than 100 years ago
  • Debris reveals an almost complete absence of magical materials, and significant amounts of mass were unaccounted for.
  • Finally, they encountered an iron teapot, containing frozen water and a single gray hair.

Initial investigation of the teapot and water:

  • It was manufactured, most likely by being shaped by Essence (Factory-Cathedral style)
  • The water is oddly sterile, with very little biological matter and higher-than-normal mineral contents

Investigation ensued!

Necromantic Investigation
A Dragon-blooded Necromancer was obtained, who attempted a ghost-calling ritual. The ritual was unsuccessful. Possible explanations include the ghost being bound in some way (within soulsteel, perhaps), having been completely obliterated, a la Ghost-Eating Technique, having reincarnated, or not being dead.

Investigator-based Investigation
Yrani, Aravia’s Lunar Mate, knew a high E4 Night Caste investigator named Orubah the Keen Sight who could help. He was, surprisingly, not very full of himself.

He looked into the past of the person who had held the hair, and learned.

  • The people it belonged to were human-like, but not human, though there was a “resonance”
  • The society was industrial and focused, “like we aspire to”
  • There was desperation for resources more severe than the Gunstar’s involved

He asked to accompany the Exalts to the meeting with the Genesis scientist.

Genesis-based Investigation
Xefin, Megine’s Metropolis mentor, knew a Genesis scientist who could help make a Bio-Motonic Replicant of the person the hair belonged to – an E9 or E10 Twilight Caste scientist named Kharum. They found him in a Vats complex, with a similarly-high-Essence Solar woman named Zoranna. Zoranna is attractive, tall, exotically pink hair, and the foremost expert on Genesis science on the Gunstar. Kharum looks just old enough to appear distinguished, and, while he is not especially attractive, has a presence about him.

Kharum was rude, but agreed to help, and examined the hair. He (with some help from Orubah) found that the creature (or possibly just its species) had at some point in the past been touched by Autochthon.

Malki-based Investigation
Aravia went to Sova with the teapot to chat with the malki of her predecessor, Feanan Star-Stealer, who ranged far and wide looking for Luna and Gaia in her time.

Feanan indicated that she had seen similar craftsmanship once, some two thousand years ago. She had been exploring a planet the Deliberative was going to mine out (a distance very significantly separate from the Deliberative’s current location), and found thousand-year-old structures with a similar aesthetic sense. The builders of the structures had apparently come to the planet and mined a rare adamant-orichalcum alloy (described as “like a golden mirror”).

She also found a maker’s mark on the inside of the teapot, a row of dots. Aravia’s armor’s translation function revealed it to be a weird, specific dialect of Old Realm when spoken, and to be a three-part proper name that would be difficult to pronounce.

Cosmological Investigation
Ash, via astronomical observation, determined that whatever had done this had done so in a straight line, at least fifty light-years in either direction.

Eventually, the Exalts returned to Clarity to prepare for departure. At the moment of departure (more or less), Chancellor Gorol gave a speech to the entire Gunstar:

“Citizens of Autochthonia…
I come to you today bearing momentous news
After more than a thousand years of battle
Of toil and labor and blood and sweat and tears
Today we enter a new and glorious age!

Long has been our struggle…
In the wake of ruin we salvaged an entire world
We devised a plan, a means for our salvation
We sacrificed and struggled to make it real
And in our sacrifice we found hope!

And now that hope is realized…
For today we are citizens of the Realm no longer
Today we are all of us commissioned to a new office
Today we become the Crew of the Gunstar!
And today, our Reclamation begins!"

Admiral Kaneko, at that point, called the senior staff to the bridge. Upon their (very prompt) arrival, he revealed the Clarity’s mission. Clarity would perform a Nullspace jump to the outskirts of a planetary system containing the planet SK-011 B. She would then immediately shift into Nullspace, anchored to a piece of debris on a ballistic trajectory for the planet for an 18-month journey, then shift out of Nullspace. At that point, her and the crew’s mission is to pacify the planet and set up the infrastructure required to gate in the Gunstar and the rest of its fleet.

What we know about SK-011 B

  • The nearest time-scar is a week’s travel away by Daystar, months for more conventional fleets
  • There have been several colonization attempts by Primordial forces that didn’t really take – they don’t seem to care much about supporting the colonists there
  • It is just barely off of the line of travel Ash predicted the Cosmic Slap-Choppers took or came from.

What we know about the mission objectives

  • Provided all the Alchemicals, Clarity, and the crew are working, the construction should take just under a month
  • If just Clarity helps, it will take several months
  • If just the crew works, it will take decades

Experience earned: 8


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