Leaunic Phaje

Eclipse Caste Solar


Essence 5 Solar


A number of solars within the Deliberative spend their early political career (relatively speaking) as one of the representatives of a given district. As a representative of Kamak, one of Leaunic Phaje’s constituents was Spire of Inevitable Actualization. It was through this connection that he made the acquaintance of Argent Singularity Horizon and eventually took her as a lover. They would still be together now if Ash had not accepted the evolution to colossus. Though such a transformation might not be an issue for some, those individuals are the very rare exception. Feeling betrayed by her choice, Leaunic has not spoken to Ash since the day of her refitting.

Leaunic is, publicly at least, the quintessential eclipse caste solar. Polite, warm, endearing, protective, responsible. But outside of the facade, he is an intensely curious soul. He enjoys knowledge for its own sake, and tends to build numerous acquaintances rather than a few strong emotional connections. Ash was one notable exception; he found her endlessly fascinating. So when she chose her ascension over him, he took it particularly hard.

Leaunic Phaje

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