Devastator Power Core

Elemental Core



This core enhances the performance of up to (Bearer’s Essence) directed essence weapons the bearer wields in one of two ways: He may reduce the essence cost of firing the weapon by three motes, or he may increase the weapon’s rate by one (or set it to one if the weapon cannot normally fire every action). The bearer may select which enhancement is applied to each weapon he possesses, and may change this selection as a diceless dramatic action comparable to attuning the weapon in question.


Forged exclusively in the essence reactors of Metropoli purpose built for war, Devastator Power Cores are optimized for the purpose of fueling essence based weaponry. A framework of starmetal generates a standing wave of probability around a rune inscribed orichalcum dynamo, from whose depths flow tendrils of essence which shimmer and then glow golden as the bearer’s weapons draw on the device’s power.

Devastator Power Core

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