Gravitonic Displacement Array

Elemental Core



When performing a Move action the bearer may reflexively pay a one mote surcharge to teleport to the location that she is moving towards rather than physically crossing the distance. The bearer must be able to see her destination when she activates this ability or her Move action immediately ends. The compression of solid matter is more difficult than either gasses or liquids, so the cost of activating this ability increases if there is solid matter between the bearer and her destination. Every three inches of solid matter that could count as cover increases the surcharge by 1 mote (this is extremely subjective and the Storyteller is the final arbiter of the cost of use).

When used as part of a stunt the surcharge is reduced by 2.


The ships of the Deliberative have long been able to achieve faster than light travel by briefly passing through null space, but it is not the only method. By utilizing a strong enough gravity source, the very fabric of Creation can be twisted. The Gravitonic Displacement Array is a fractal lattice of starmetal that channels essence from an orichalcum core into a temporary singularity, a volatile formation held stable by a framework of adamant that refocuses the essence back upon itself. But through minute manipulations of that framework the bearer can direct a pulse of gravitons that can warp the very fabric of space and time, allowing for near instantaneous travel.

Gravitonic Displacement Array

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