Soulsteel Colossal Ramming Prow

weapon (melee)

Soulsteel Colossal Ramming Prow Artifact 3
SPD 5, ACC + 3, DMG 32B/5 , Rate 1, Def -2 Tags: O Rm

-Doubles Raw Damage vs Innanimate Objects

Every attack with this weapon targets an area, whether the wielder wishes to or not
it’s simply impossible to constrain the destructive power of such a blunt instrument to a
single target unless that target is of similar scale.

As its name implies, the ram can be employed only in charging attacks – those attacks which follow
or coincide with movement towards the enemy. The weapon’s attacks are resolved with a single
attack roll and individual damage rolls (as described for Peony Blossom Attack), and targets all
characters and objects within reach of the attacker all along the path of his movement. If the character’s
movement intersects a sufficiently obstinate barrier (or enemy) his movement immediately halts,
and the attacker also resolves damage from his attack against himself.


Soulsteel Colossal Ramming Prow

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