Online Tools

This campaign will be run on line using Skype for voice chat (we probably won’t bother with video) and OpenRPG Traipse for dice rolling, initiative tracking, and other assorted table top needs.

Installing OpenRPG Traipse

  • Install Python 2.5.4 (Other versions are not recommended)
  • Install the wx.Python 2.8.10 (Other versions are not recommended)
  • Download and unzip the Traipse Source
  • Run the file to complete installation

Installing Exalted Game Files

  • Make sure Traipse is closed or this won’t stick
  • OpenRPG GameTree (place in Traipse\System\myfiles)
  • OpenRPG Exalted Die Roller (place in Traipse\System\orpg\dieroller\rollers)
  • In Traipse go to OpenRPG > Preferences > Chat Tab
  • Set the dieroller field to “exalted” (case sensitive, no quotes)

Logging In & Testing

  • In Traipse go to Game Server > Browse Servers
  • Choose Unshaped from the list or enter
  • Create a new room for your testing
  • Enter [10d10] in chat to test rolling a ten die pool
  • You should see something like:
    • [10d10] => [9,5,8,9,3,2,3,3,2,8] => Nearly Impossible Success! (4 Successes, 4 Damage)
  • Enter [10v4] in chat to test a ten die pool against difficulty four
  • You should see something like:
    • [10v4] => [5,8,7,7,7,7,3,10,10,3] => Phenomenal Success! (9 Successes, 5 Extra)

Online Tools

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