Spire of Inevitable Actualization

Orichalcum Caste Patropolis


Essence 9 Alchemical


Argent Singularity Horizon‘s current mentor… after a sorts. Spire of Inevitable Actualization has been a patropolis for more than a thousand years, which easily encompasses Ash’s entire lifetime. Though Yugash serves as the single greatest concentration of intelligence within the Deliberative, it’s Kamak where the greatest innovations spring forth. With a huge surplus of raw materials, a frontier way of life and lacking the shackles imposed by elders that think they know best, Kamak is on the bleeding edge of progress. Ever forward looking, Spire recognized this long ago and chose this chaotic land as his home.

Seeing this district much the same as Spire did, Ash traveled to this patropolis at the urging of her friend Shi Tsu. Here they found an elder that not only encouraged their unorthodox ideas, but worked with them to turn those ideas into practical applications. Maintaining an incredibly high Clarity, Spire doesn’t appear to show much personal connection to the two women, simply guiding them in the most logical fashion he can devise. But both Ash and Shi have taken to calling him Grandfather, an affectation that seems to carry emotional weight for both of them.

Spire of Inevitable Actualization

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